Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat round 2

Spent Friday and Saturday scrapping like crazy! What a perfect weekend! I missed my McKinners like CRAZY but I'm so glad her dad and aunt were willing to watch her for me. I couldn't get enough of her today, though. She's just the best. Anyway, I learned lots of new things, including using brushes in photoshop (I fear this might become an addiction), recoloring elements and papers (this is going to be so convenient!), and cutting letters out for a really cool effect (see page of McKynlee by the barn door). Also got a bunch of free kits and discounts on a few more, so a great weekend! Here's some of what I got done:

and after some family park time today, I stared at the computer for hours more, backing things up, organizing, and cleaning up the hard drive a little. Just got a second external one too, so more organizing to come!
and to anyone who cares, digital kits at Scraps N Pieces are going to be HALF OFF tomorrow (Monday). Great deals to come...might be doing more shopping!

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