Monday, September 5, 2011

College Days

Maybe it's just me, but did anyone else spend this weekend watching college football? My husband lives for college football season and we spent Saturday at his brother's watching games (and canning peaches). We had pretty good outcomes, too! His team, BYU, beat Ole Miss (barely!) and my team, Utah State, almost beat Auburn. I was still stoked because little old Utah State almost beat AUBURN. If you know college football, you get it. ANYWAY...
Scraps N' Pieces has the perfect kit for me today to scrap all these college football game experiences! It's called College Days and the best part about it is, you can customize it to fit your school! BYU and USU both have blues and whites, so I was lucky to use the kit for both! Buy the kit, email Lori and Heidi your school colors, and they will personally make a kit just for you! Seriously, how many designers would take the time to make a kit perfect for you and your needs?
The elements are awesome...academic to athletic. I'm just disappointed my college years were long ago and already scrapped the old way. But, with the joy of college football each fall, I'm pretty sure I'll come back to this BYU kit over and over again! I attached the preview of the one I did and also the kit they did in reds, for those of you Utahns who like that other college. :) Pictures send you straight to the store!
This kit is usually $11.99 but you can get it now for only $7.99 at the Scraps N' Pieces store or Stuff to Scrap. That's a great deal! And remember, you don't have to pick between the blue or red...they will make it in your school's colors!
I kept you waiting, now here's my layouts. I really loved them!
While you're there, get their custom high school kit, High School Memories, too! And if you attend the Speed Scrap hosted by Scraps N' Pieces on Thursday at Stuff to Scrap, you can get this High School Memories "mini" (it's huge actually) that you can use with any other colors you have to match your school.
Tammy of Memories by Digital Design has also created an awesome Word Art pack that goes along with both kits. Go grab that too!
Not long enough yet? I'm working on making one of my layouts into a freebie...stay tuned!

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