Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tell me the Stories

This months Bits-N-Pieces was such a fun palette and theme to work with. We decided that since the theme was, Learning, Knowledge, and Wisdom that we would do a kit about stories from the Bible. This kit not only includes many of the favorite characters from those stories, but the colors are neutral enough many other layouts. So, we have a fun alpha, themed elements, basic elements, papers, and themed word bits. You can grab any of these packs for only $1.00 each for the first week. SNP_TMS_Alpha SNP_TMS_BibleStories SNP_TMS_Elementss1 SNP_TMS_Papers SNP_TMS_Wordbits   Tammy made this super cute Word Art pack. Don't forget to grab them.                                       Here are some great layouts from our creative team:


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