Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family Fun

Loving this kit, Family Fun, by Scraps n Pieces. The color palette is great, and the theme is perfect too, because 99% of my pictures are of my family! The kit is generic enough to be used for any pictures, yet also has great family-specific elements and word arts!
This kit if half price the first week after it's release today at both the Scraps n Pieces store, and MyMemories. If you purchase at SNP the first week, you also get the Family Home Evening Tags and stick people for free! They will later be available to purchase as an add-on to the kit.

I decided to use the kit's add-on to make a Family Home Evening chart for my family. I've seen many fancy ones made of wood or other permanent and more complicated things, but a simple cardstock fridge chart was perfect for my little family!

I simply used the stick people and tags already provided, and only had to add our names. I thought about a background paper, but since colored ink is pricey, I just left it transparent and printed it on white cardstock.

Since we are only a family of 4, I only used 4 of the tags for our FHE assignments. The 5-month-old should probably have a tag that says, "lie on the floor like a cute blob," but I knew the toddler would get a kick out of having him on the chart and participating. She really loves Family Night! I sized the tags on my original paper, then transferred them to another for printing. I had it made and printed in only a few minutes! Now just to cut out the tags, laminate, and add velcro, and this sign is on my fridge and done. Little time, low cost. My kind of project.
I love that since I own this kit now, I can also change this as our family grows and add more people and assignments.

And here's the scrapbook page I made:

And because I'm not as great at giving out freebie lately, a freebie for you! And this should be the last from Media Fire ever, because I'll have them as direct download starting in April! Yay for no more annoying pop ups!!

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