Friday, June 3, 2011

My Memories Suite

For all of you digi-scrappers out there, I'm sure you use a wide variety of programs. I started out by using My Memories Suite(MMS) version 1. My mom got it for me and my 2 sisters for Christmas a few years ago. She has it too, and my dad even likes doing it. I loved this program and found is user friendly and super easy and simple. When my sister-in-law entered the digi-scrap world, she was using Photo Shop. I was completely clueless on that program, but got the elements version for Christmas last year, took a few of Lori's classes, and now use that program as well.

I have found MMS to be much easier and quicker to use. I also love that when I buy kits, they are automatically downloaded and organized into my program for me. MMS is exclusively for scrapbooking, so instead of working in layers, I add papers, then elements, and photos, etc. I have found that it's editing is bad, though. It doesn't remove red eye well and I have little options for changing my photos. I also still have version 1, so version 2 may be better in that area. I don't know. Now that I know how to use PSE, I feel like I can be more creative there, with things like overlays and photo masks (although instead of overlays, I have changed opacity in MMS for a similar effect). I can also use a wide variety of kits, instead of just the ones bought exclusively from MyMemories. I now switch between the 2 and have noticed when using a kit from Stuff to Scrap, I do it in PSE (although I could do it in MMS). Then when I want to use a kit from MyMemories, I use MMS (except kits purchased from them can now be done be downloaded for general use in any program). I also like the photo templates in MMS and use them when I have a lot of pictures to scrap, because it gives the page a clean look. I don't have many general use templates.

So, now that I've rattled on about the two programs I use, I have exciting news. Scraps N' Pieces now sells their kits at MyMemories! Formerly exclusive to Stuff to Scrap, they now sell in both stores. I love this, because now I can get their kits and use them in MMS and have them downloaded and organized like my other kits there. And although I've loved their program, MyMemories used to be lacking in their variety of kits. Inviting Scraps N' Pieces to sell there is a great improvement to their store! I am so excited for them. Check out their store here.

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